Fee & Refund Policy

We accept cash, cheque, debit and credit cards.  Fees may be paid in 2 ways;

  1. In full (at time of registration)
  2. 25% Down at registration and remainder balance paid by March 31st, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: All costume and exam expenses are additional where applicable.

A refund or credit will be available should a participant withdraw prior to October 31st.  No refunds or credits will be available if cancellation occurs after October 31st.  Missed classes are non-refundable.

Any declined credit cards or returned cheques must be replaced immediately with a new form of payment covering the full amount owing, together with an additional administration charge $5.00 for a declined credit card and $25.00 for a cheque returned or declined. 




25% DOWN

(Includes HST)


(Includes HST)

Pre Dance Term 1

$126.00 $142.38

First session from September to December, second session available from January to June

Stretch / Strength $235.00 $265.55 $66.39 $199.16
30 min Class $337.00 $380.80 $95.20 $285.61
45 min Class $398.00 $449.75 $112.44 $337.30
60 min Class $449.00 $507.37 $126.85 $380.53


1. Individual & Family Maximums

Prices are before taxes and applicable for all non-competitive classes.

Individual $1,600.00

Family $2,800.00

2. Multi-Class Discount

Prices are before taxes and applicable for all non-competitive classes. Discounts are only at time of initial registration and do not apply to classes added at a later date.

3 classes per week – 10% off the 3rd class

4 or more class per week – 15% off (10% off the 3rd class and 15% off 4th, 5th etc. classes)

3. Adult Class Discount

Option 1: A parent of an RDC dancer enrolled in any full year class for 2016/2017 will receive a 25%

discount on each adult class (savings of $110.18 per class).

Option 2: Any adult dancer registering for 2 adult classes will receive a 25% discount on their second class

(savings of $110.18)

4. RDC Referral Discount

If you refer a friend or family member and they register for classes you will receive a $50.00 RDC gift certificate for each family referred. (New member must be registered until October 31st before the gift certificate will be issued).

Please allow 24-48 hours after registering online for discounts and balances to be applied to your customer portal account.