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Ages 5 and up

Ballet students are trained in classical ballet through the British Association of Teachers of Dancing (B.A.T.D.), which progresses through a series of graded levels. Each level focuses on a specific set of techniques appropriate to the developing dancer. Emphasis is placed on proper posture and alignment, strength, musicality, grace and ease of movement. Ballet classes are mandatory for competitive dancers. Dancers will prepare a routine for Rhythm Dance Center's annual year end recital.

Students progress through the graded levels through an examination process. The examination process is optional for recreational dancers and mandatory for competitive dancers. The examination process is a positive learning experience that allows dancers to gain further feedback on their dance technique. Each year students who have successfully mastered the level's required material will be offered an invitation to participate in the examination session. It is not uncommon for levels to take more than one year in order to master all of the required elements. Ballet students who successfully complete their examination will receive a certificate of achievement as well as a medal.

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