Ages 8 and up

Acro Technique is an optional additional acro class for the dancer that is looking to propel their acro training to the next level.  

Acro classes focus on development of flexibility, strength, and control, working with the Acrobatique program that offers development in various tricks, balances and tumbling from beginner to advanced. Each class begins with a set technique warmup designed by Acrobatique to target the strength and flexibility needs of acro dancers. Each level's technique warmup targets the required strength and flexibility elements that are needed to master the tricks in that level. Acrobatique supports safe, logical and appropriately paced acro dance training that focuses on long term injury prevention of dancers.

Acro technique classes do not prepare a routine for Rhythm Dance Center's annual year end recital, but will continue to run until the end of the year to allow acrobats to continue their training when their regular acro class is preparing recital choreography.

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