RDC has studio policies in place to ensure the safety and professionalism of our studio and its members. We ask that all students, parents and family members who enter the RDC facility adhere to these policies both in and out of class.

General Policies

Students are required to wear the proper class attire and hair must be tied back securely for each class. No jewelry is to be worn in any classes. (please refer to RDC Dress Code for suitable attire in each class)

Students should arrive at least 15 mins prior to their first scheduled class to warm up and stretch. Students that arrive late disrupt the class in progress and do not get the proper warm up which can cause injury.

No gum or cell phones are allowed in any classes.

Food is to be consumed in the kitchen, please refrain from taking food outside the kitchen area.

Please do not interrupt classes once in progress. If there is a concern please approach your student’s teacher or the director outside of class time.

Missed Classes

It is understood that on occasion classes need to be missed however it is important you attend your regularly scheduled class to continue to build on your skill and development.

If you do miss a class there is no makeup class offered.

There are no refunds for missed classes.

Class Cancellation

The studio reserves the right to combine or cancel a class in the event of low attendance.

The studio reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather. In the event classes are cancelled an email notification will be sent out as well it will be posted on the studio website.

If classes are cancelled due to weather, there is no makeup class offered.

Recital & Costume Policies

Each student has the option to participate in a recital dance per class they participate in (with the exception of technique classes). The costume and song for the recital routine will be selected by the instructor.

Costume costs are in addition to class fees. Costume fees are due in November/December.

Parents are required to purchase tickets for the year end show which are in addition to class fees.

Recital costumes are paid for in advance and once ordered cannot be cancelled or returned. On the invoice provided there will be a size chart to be filled in by the parent. Recital costumes are not custom made; they are sized to fit the average person of that size. For young children still growing it is best to leave some ‘growing room’ within your measurements as costumes are easier to take in then to let out.

Many costumes arrive with some alteration or attachments needed. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure these alterations or attachments are completed prior to picture day.

Tuition & Refunds

Tuition is due in full by March 31st. You can choose to make your full payment at registration or multiple payments prior to March 31st by post dated cheques or credit card on file (must be provided at time of registration). Payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit or credit card.

Students have the option to withdraw from a class prior to October 31st. A refund will be issued for the tuition paid minus any classes attended. If a withdraw from a class occurs after October 31st there will be no refund issued.

Returned Cheques

Any declined credit cards or returned cheques must be replaced immediately with a new form of payment covering the full amount owing. There will be an administration charge of $5.00 applicable for a declined credit card and $25.00 for a cheque returned or declined.

Outstanding Fees

Families that have an outstanding account balance will not be permitted to register until all fees are paid in full.


Students will be placed in classes that are most appropriate for their age and ability. It is important that students do not advance too rapidly, missing important training along the way. Class instructors and the director will decide proper placement.

Personal Property

Be sure to label your belongings. RDC provides students with lockers for safety of personal items however Rhythm Dance Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Unlabeled items will be placed in the lost and found bin at the end of each night. Labeled items will be placed in the office for pick up. The lost and found items will be taken to Goodwill once the bin is full so please remember to check periodically for lost items.


We understand the need to bring siblings to the studio, please supervise them so that classes and parents viewing classes are not interrupted or disturbed.